At Burma Bibas LLC, we’re passionate about every aspect of the garment business. The eminent success of Burma Bibas apparel has allowed us to expand our business to incorporate production and distribution for a diverse portfolio of brands. Burma Corporate is the proud licensee of some of most distinguished names in the industry, including Campia Moda, Batik Bay, Pierre Cardin and Isaac Mizrahi.

Licenses and Brands Portfolio

Burma Bibas

Our heritage brand that offers high quality apparel at the intersection of leisure and style.

Campia Moda

Island-inspired vacation wear featuring soft fabrics and lively, laid-back designs. Now you’re comfortable: have a margarita.

Batik Bay

Batik Bay provides comfortable sportswear inspired by tropical prints and design. We offer relaxed styles at affordable prices so that every day can feel like vacation.

Pierre Cardin

Fascinated by geometric shapes and futuristic styles, Pierre Cardin is one of the world’s most recognizable designers. With a focus on avant garde aesthetics, Cardin is an innovator renowned for his legendary bubble dress.

Isaac Mizrahi

From Project Runway Judge to Chevrolet Spokesman, Isaac Mizrahi has done it all. Known for his colorful take on classic imagery, Isaac is an iconic American designer and television personality with over 25 years of unparalleled success in the industry. Burma Bibas is the proud licensee of Isaac Mizrahi dress shirts and neckwear.